Counting to Ten in Japanese

  1. ichi
  2. ni
  3. san
  4. shi (or yon)
  5. go
  6. roku
  7. shichi (or nana)
  8. hachi
  9. ku
  10. ju

Basic Karate Terms

Seiza sit (formal)
Mokuso meditate
Mokuso yame stop meditating
Shomen front
Sensei teacher
Otagai eachother
Rei bow
Shomen ni rei bow to the front
Sensei ni rei bow to Sensei
Otagai ni rei bow to eachother
Sempai senior student
Osu an enthusiastic yes; I will try my best; I will do my best to follow
ki inner power
kiai a loud shout eminating from deep within the body (not just from one's throat)

Kihon (basics)

oizuki step in punch
ageuke rising block
sotouke outside block
uchiuke inside block
gedan down block
maegeri front kick
kekomi side thrust kick
keage side snap kick
mawashigeri round house kick
ushirogeri back kick
gedanbarai step in down block
zenkutsudachi front stance
musubidachi heels together/toes pointed out (for bowing)
heisokudachi feet together (for practicing kicking in place)
shikodachi standing about two shoulder width distance wide, toes pointing out
kibadachi horse riding stance (about two shoulder width distance wide, toes straight or slightly in)