Membership & Dues

If you are interested in joining, you are welcome to attend any of the regularly scheduled classes. Newcomers are always welcome! We are able to accept new students at any point, not just at the beginning of a new quarter. Stanford students and staff can simply drop in. If you are from off-campus, please contact us first via e-mail so that we can get set up permission for you to enter Stanford’s facility. For more information, please contact Julio Flores (jfloress @stanford.edu).


Our training fees are:

These contributions support our club’s expenses; please make the checks out to “JKA of Stanford.” Quarterly fees are due by the end of the second week of the quarter you are paying for. Collecting checks at other times places a great burden on us, as it means extra trips to the bank.

Visitor Fees

We encourage visitors to train with us, even for short stays. This is one of the benefits of the JKA system — wherever you are in the world, there will likely be a JKA dojo close by that teaches the same style you are accustomed to. JKA members whose training is current (active training must have stopped no more than 3 months in the past) are welcome to wear their current belts. For others, please consult our instructors. Fees for visitors are as follows: